employee discount at tesla

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Sep 6 10 Comments

Does Tesla provide discount benefit for its employees to buy Tesla cars?


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  • Microsoft Teslanos
    The employee discount is their benefit of not getting defamed and swatted by their boss.

    Sep 16 0
  • Tesla iAppie
    Yes, lmk if you wan’t to buy. Current offer is BOGO
    Sep 6 0
  • New kddwlw

    No discount at all.
    Sep 6 3
    • Microsoft goddamnit
      Yes they do.

      As long as it’s a returned car. Massive discounts.
      Sep 6
    • Tesla User098
      They don’t do the discount returns anymore. They all get used internally now.
      Sep 7
    • Microsoft goddamnit
      Used internally for what? They don’t have robotaxis right now. Why wouldn’t Tesla want to sell them and put some $$$ on their balance sheet?
      Sep 7
  • Tesla sEBd72
    Yes, at every EOQ E does something for employees.
    Sep 17 1
    • New fssio
      What is that something? 5years anniversary wall clock?
      Sep 17
  • Splunk spl1
    Discount on software only at certain times of the year
    Sep 6 0
  • Ellie Mae

    Ellie Mae

    Diligent. Persistent. Technology enthusiast. Always curious. Always grateful.
    Sep 6 0


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