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Salesforce GnaJ55
Sep 25 4 Comments

Hi all — just curious what engineering life is like at Google. Sorry if that question is overly broad, but if any engineers are up for describing engineering culture at Google in any amount of detail possible, that’d be much appreciated.

I enjoy most aspects of Salesforce, but recently ive been feeling they dont prioritize engineering excellence. They seem to love sort of hacky solutions that barely get the job done and arent always performant or ideal to support. that being said, its very collaborative and i enjoy working with my peers. its also good work life balance compared to what i hear about other companies in the valley.

i have a call with a recruiter from Google soon, which is why im interested. Any input on their culture and how it compares with some of the problems and positives im seeing at Salesforce is greatly appreciated.


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  • Google foony
    I haven't been around long, but it's the coolest and most mature software infrastructure I've ever seen. The amount of tooling is insane. A lot of it is completely documented and self serve, so you could actually start deploying random stuff to a production cluster your first week if you wanted to without anyone caring.
    Sep 25 3
    • Salesforce GnaJ55
      That’s very helpful, thanks! Is there pressure to use certain tech stacks, or do teams have control over what they want to use? And is it monolithic or micro service based across the company?
      Sep 25
    • Google foony
      There's one large monorepo with all the code in it. It's really cool, everything is open and searchable. From there though, teams deploy services.

      Re: rolling your own stuff, I can't speak for the whole company, but generally speaking I assume if you need something like a relational database you'd just use spanner and if you need a nosqlesque solution you'd use bigtable, rather than trying to roll your own MySQL or Cassandra cluster, respectively. Not much point of trying to manage that sort of thing when you've got an entire team managing a database that will scale far beyond your needs.
      Sep 25
    • Google foony
      Only been at google for a few months but have about a decade of experience in distributed systems.
      Sep 25


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