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New AyUv33
Jul 10 12 Comments

Hi all!! I just got an offer from FAANG in Europe!
I got the offer letter, signed and give my notice to my current employer.

During a call, the recruiter asked me about my TC and I gave an estimate of my TC:
base + benefits (good extra money in my payslips) + bonuses.
And I explained the extra benefits as well.
I'm not sure what the recruiter understood: if it was my TC and then the breakdown or mistook the TC as my base salary and then add the extra benefits. This was not clear and never came up again in other interviews.
Anyway, I got the offer and it's not that far from my current TC, so I was assuming that everything was ok.

I'm doing my background check now, I gave my authorization to the third company to contact all my previous employers and check my work history as I'm honest and I didn't lie. (all titles and dates are perfect)
BUT, I just found out that my current company may provide my salary without any additional benefits as an internal policy. If so, there might be a discrepancy of ~12/15% between salary and TC (or more depending on whatever the recruiter understood)

I'm freaking out that the third-party company might find a red flag and the potential company might revoke the offer because of this misunderstanding or potential discrepancy.
What do you think? Should I really worry about it or am I overthinking?

PS. I know that giving notice to my current employer was not smart as written in other posts but they pushed me to start ASAP...and anyway, it's done already.


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  • Travelzoo deetcode
    What country? I've never heard of a company disclosing salary information like this. Shit's confidential.
    Jul 10 3
    • LinkedIn XeeB46
      +1 no company would divulge such information to a potential competitor
      Jul 10
    • New AyUv33
      The country that is trying to say goodbye to EU
      Jul 10
    • VMware herathakur
      I don't think you need to worry about this. For my background check there were information mismatch on start date. I later provided the proof and no problem. You can also give pay stubs or tax documents.
      Jul 10
  • Google / Mgmt
    Ex Amazon

    Google Mgmt

    Ex Amazonmore
    Don't worry. They don't ask for salary nor can that be shared with the third party.
    Jul 10 0
  • Facebook / Eng mturtle
    Which company? No FAANG company that I'm familiar with checks salary history. Only ones I dont know are Apple and Netflix, but I doubt they check salary history.
    Jul 10 2
    • New AyUv33
      Even in Europe?
      Jul 10
    • Facebook / Eng mturtle
      Policy might vary from US to EU on somethings, but not this. If anything EU will be less invasive in bg check.
      Jul 10
  • Microsoft cD3iPh
    With the new GDPR, a potential employer can contact existing employer and learn what your pay is?
    Jul 10 1
    • New AyUv33
      Good point but I gave to the third-party company the authorization to contact my current employer, in good faith. I'm not sure but GDPR might be gone here
      Jul 10
  • Snapchat


    Dont worry, they are paying u because they want u and they can afford to
    What u make currently shud not matter.

    In California it's illegal to ask previous salary
    Jul 10 0
  • Uber bbbxeeyh
    Jul 10 0


    Real time salary information from verified employees