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BlackRock aUxP73
Jun 4 15 Comments

Is it normal to get ghosted by a company after a seemingly great super day? I solved a 2.5 hour case study, to which the hiring manager said “I solved the hardest part and did well”, and gave 4 in-person interviews which all went well too. I was able to answer the technical questions and presented a good story as to why I wanted to make the jump to a hedge fund.

It’s been three weeks since the interview and nobody will respond or email me back! So surprised that companies have started ghosting candidates.


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  • New / Product xzUE84
    Yeah it happens all the time. Most of the time it has nothing to do with you. There might have been someone better, position might have closed, hiring manager may have left. Dont over think it
    Jun 4 0
  • Financial Engines

    Financial Engines

    Akamai Technologies
    Who cares ? Their loss . Move on. Hedge funds are overrated. 99% hedge funds get outperformed by s&p 500
    Jun 5 0
  • Gusto Lmfao1313
    Yes, plenty of companies are doing this. Most of the time it’s the recruiter doing that.

    I yearned for a Glassdoor-like website that list companies / recruiters that do this so I can avoid them.

    Finding a job can be stressful, but having the company ghosted you AFTER multiple discussions or even onsite interview is fucked up.
    Jun 5 0
  • Kaspersky Lab / HR aye dais
    The position could be put on hold, or they are interviewing external candidates to compare them with internal ones, or you're too expensive and they are trying to find a cheaper alternative, or the hiring manager went on vacation.

    Here is a story: there is a company that poached me in March, we started talking, CEO interviewed me twice. And they are disappearing for weeks and then they are getting back sweet and charming as if nothing happened.
    I'm just waiting for this to end out of curiosity.

    I made some friends in the company, and they told me that I am the best candidate for the job, but their CEO feels like I'm making too much and trying to find an alternative.
    Jun 4 0
  • New mfmBJ1
    No integrity on their end. Looks like you dodged the bullet!
    Jun 7 0
  • Intel McComic
    Its a sign into their shitty culture. They do not deserve you. Move on.
    Jun 4 0
  • Capital One granolabar
    Well the market tanked in May, so they may be busy dealing with investors, and they may not have the capital to pay you, depending on how big.
    Jun 6 0
  • AIG / Product

    AIG Product

    Deloitte Digital
    Counseling CxOs for AI-first strategy !
    Ghosting implies it is not a place worth your time.
    Jun 6 0
  • Franklin Templeton Investments aCxe73
    I'm sorry to say this but ghosting is pretty common in the hedge fund / PE industry. Most of these firms may only hire a few candidates a year, so they have the luxury of dragging along candidates and taking a long time to make decisions. Simple demand > supply. Very different vs the tech world where you need to hire more engineers to scale.
    Jun 5 0
  • Bloomberg / Eng

    Bloomberg Eng

    CA Technologies, Bloomberg LP
    Yeah man f these companies. Don't get emotional about it, just a waste of a f-ing day off. Should really black list and request reimbursement for time, in a perfect world.
    Jun 5 0
  • Intel Emu01
    Same experience too many times
    Jun 4 0
  • Twitch sn729hskpq
    This ^. That’s why it’s good to just mentally distance oneself from overthinking on how well one did or not. Go back to hitting LC and next oppty. Treat it like a numbers game.
    Jun 4 0
  • you dodged the bullet.. good for you
    Jun 5 0
  • Amazon HbeA84
    Sounds like this isn't that uncommon although it should be. I was told I should have an offer letter by the next morning and it's been a week and now neither the recruiter nor the HM are returning my calls.
    Jun 4 0
  • First Republic Ariselu
    @OP It’s totally common for people to get ghosted. Lots of reasons and ultimately none of them matter. Here are a few:

    1. For whatever reason they didn’t like you.
    2. After your booty call, they fell in love with someone else and got married.
    3. The req got closed.
    4. The internal candidate accepted their counter offer.
    5. There was some internal organization change.
    6. You reeked of fish and whiskey...

    Anyway stuff happens and a lot of the time unfortunately people experience this and take it personally (I used to) but ultimately it’s probably not you at all. Think of it like shopping for cars. Did you ever ghost that super friendly nice car salesman? Sure you did...had you thought about that other than when I asked? Of course you didn’t because you didn’t care about them and you bought a different you thought you liked better huh. ;-)
    Jun 8 0


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