going to FB NYC over MPK

Goldman Sachs nbqi06
Nov 15 7 Comments

So i have a new grad offer with FB starting in may and its in MPK. Im wondering with the recent news of FB getting a lot of office space in Hudson Yards whether i can try to go to NYC?

I interned in NYC for a summer and rlly like the fact that i can have a great social and dating life, meet new ppl, not need a car, and i think my TC will go farther in NYC than SF.

If i go to SF i assume ill get a studio to myself for $2500 a month, no culture, need a car, more expensive COL, few women to meet/date, homogenous tech bro culture. If im wrong pls tell me, my only insight is from what ive read about SF, whereas i experienced NYC as an intern.

So how likely is it for a non returning intern to be able to go to NYC?


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  • Google / Eng mikkyd
    You probably won't get a studio in SF. More like Menlo Park. Else be prepped for a 3h commute everyday.
    Nov 15 2
    • Goldman Sachs nbqi06
      Sorry not familiar with Bay Area. Yeah if I go to mpk office I’d want a studio as close as possible, Idc if it’s 3k a month I don’t want a far commute and I want my own place.
      Nov 15
    • Google / Eng mikkyd
      Probably 3k
      Nov 15
  • Facebook Tide pods
    HQ beats satellite offices for early career employees.

    Median rent in nyc might be cheaper, but nyc has much greater inventory of complete dumps. If you filter for apartments that you actually want to live in, then nyc and sf are equally expensive.
    Nov 15 2
    • What lol
      Nov 15
    • Goldman Sachs fake engineer
      Only sort of true, there's some pretty solid 2500 ish studios here.

      Overall I think of it as being about the same or slightly more expensive than SF depending on how you spend.
      Nov 15
  • The real comparison is NYC vs MPK since you have the commute otherwise
    Nov 15 0


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