green card adjustment of status

Deloitte ooooalala
Sep 8 11 Comments

my lawyers told me they will file for Green Card AOS (adjustment of status) in October when the new visa bulletin is posted. how long should i expect before i can get my greencard?


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TOP 11 Comments
  • EPAM Systems ExplodingBanana
    As usual, 6-8 months. That's IF we're current in October again.
    Sep 8 4
    • Deloitte ooooalala
      I’m EB3 - from south korea
      Sep 8
    • EPAM Systems ExplodingBanana
      I'm pretty sure ROW will be current in October, so like I said, 6-8 months. Which is mind boggling why it takes so long
      Sep 8
    • Citadel Securities wagecuck3
      Last I heard, AOS processing time was closer to a year. Who is getting approvals in 6-8 months??
      Sep 9
    • EPAM Systems ExplodingBanana
      I just looked it up, you might be right
      Sep 9
  • NBCUniversal melong
    i'm a south korean as well. it's been 21 months since i filed my EB2 application and it's still pending.
    Sep 12 3
    • EPAM Systems ExplodingBanana
      That's not normal, you should have raised service request
      Sep 12
    • NBCUniversal melong
      It won’t let me because it’s still within the normal processing time. The current processing time for my category is 10 to 24 months
      Sep 13
    • EPAM Systems ExplodingBanana
      Well oiled machine isn't it
      Sep 13
  • Microsoft unfanged
    8-18 months
    Sep 9 0
  • Intel Spikiera
    Took me a full year from filing AOS to seeing the physical card in my mail box
    Sep 8 0


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