how good is JP Morgan Private Client

Intuit lynchpin
Aug 2 5 Comments

I am thinking of moving my old ira over to JP morgan for more active stock trading. Is JP morgan reliable and good? how are their fees compared to other investment banking options?

Any other insights or suggestions or recommendations would be greatly appreciated aswell:)

TC: 430k

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  • GoDaddy Ti374j
    Do you mean Chase Private Client (250k assets) or the proper JPM private banking (10M+)

    CPC is pretty good. Just insist on being self directed and you can avoid the 1.4% annual fee. You should get unlimited commission free trades
    Aug 2 1
    • Intuit lynchpin
      yeah i meant Chase Private Client .
      Thanks for the input .so i don’t necessarily have to stick to their portfolio products? i can self direct all of ira funds in stock myself?
      Aug 2
  • eBay


    Why did you click on me 😡
    Just do both and compare and contrast

    Aug 2 1
    • Intuit lynchpin
      what do you mean?
      i looking for reviews on JP morgan or alternatives recommendation
      Aug 2
  • Chase OveN81
    As chase Private client you can use you invest for free, however has a limited platform. The real strategies come into play by using a private client advisor. They have access to the private bank strategies, that’s where the real benefit comes in. Fees are always negotiable. I’m happy to help, let me know if I can direct you to the right place.
    Oct 15 0


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