how is the vision group at Argo

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got selected in phone screen. had a good interview last week.
looking at various forums relating to Argo i seek suggestions on

-- how is company culture ? is pitt and palo very different ?
-- mine is perception group and supposedly head sits in Pittsburgh. how is this group ?
-- is there a cash crunch coming soon ? the vw deal doesn't seem as good as is portrayed - 500m in actual cash with 200 more people onboard
-- what TC to expect - phd plus 3 in postdoc.

currently a research scientist at a university (detail would identify)
TC 100k


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  • IEEE dLzF34
    Thanks.. Very helpful to know
    Any sign on ? What's your experience level ?
    Sep 12 2
    • Apple Icml2017
      20K sign on. PhD w/8 years experience; 5-6 years at Apple
      Sep 12
    • Lyft lyftwhaat
      Icml2017: why didn’t you join?
      Nov 4
  • Apple Icml2017
    I got an offer from Perception team last year. Overall I liked the team; I am located in Bay Area, so most of the interviews were over video conference as they were in Pittsburgh. Mike Happold was the head of Perception team then and I had enjoyable interview/conversation with him.

    My offer in Bay Area was: Base - 215K, Cash Bonus: 20%. As far as equity, they give Argo Incentive Units which is a bit hard to interpret. They told me that if company valuation is $8 billion, then your equity will be $2 million. At that time they didn’t have any valuation, so it was even harder to make any sense of how much the equity is worth. Last time I heard, I think Argo was valued at $4 billion. Never worked there, so don’t have any insider information.
    Sep 12 1
    • Apple / Eng Shqw
      What was the level offered?Thanks
      Sep 16
  • IEEE dLzF34
    Yes sure. Please DM.
    Sep 11 0
  • New / R&D

    New R&D

    Dcipher Analytics
    phd student at one of the top25 cs departments
    Can you give some details regarding the interview?
    Sep 11 0


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