how long does Microsoft Audit take

New PkFV17
Jul 23 3 Comments

Got an offer from Microsoft. Recruiter said it is in thr audit stage, i.e. review to make sure the numbers are all accuarate. Are there any Microsoft employees here who could tell me how much time it took for them?


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  • Microsoft luserral
    2 to 3 weeks normally. No way to accelerate it - everyone goes by the same! :-)
    Jul 23 1
    • McAfee draxadic
      Unfortunately I heard the same thing this week. At this point we are most of a week stuck in the "audit" stage - is it really 2-3 weeks?

      What's driving that? If the business already signed off on the offer, what's the issue / what are they auditing?
      Nov 14
  • Bank of America Private Bank / IT hard work
    Congrats! Whichever team at Microsoft?
    Jul 23 0


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