how to buy crypto without verification

New dBBO43
Aug 4 7 Comments

getting denied by everyone because i don't have access to my ID and only have my school ID.

anyway to buy crypto without verification and not or

i have a Trevor model T


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  • New ADR
    Your best bet would probably be one of those Crypto ATMs. However, there are also other methods available over the internet but they are often less than legal.
    Aug 4 1
    • New / R&D rejectme
      Crypto ATMs require you to use an ID most of the time
      Aug 6
  • New / Strategy

    New Strategy

    Former National Political Consultant, left industry, went to help friends. went from High 6 Figure Salary, to dealing with 21-23yo "Executives" bleeding me dry.
    Depends on the amount. I'll sell on the 4hour VWAP.

    But another easy way is doing the linden dollars trick if it's just like 100-250 a day.
    Sep 11 0
  • Toptal Cashhhh
    Try and Bisq marketplace. AFAIK they don’t require KYC verification like localbitcoins or Coinbase
    Aug 11 0
  • New / Finance

    New Finance

    Future Finance
    Learn more about cryptos and easy means to purchase
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  • New ulpC55
    Aug 4 0
  • New / R&D rejectme
    Idk if blind is really the best place, but you could go to a local crypto meetup and see if anyone wants to sell any crypto
    Aug 4 0


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