Remember when I told those juul employees they were bad people and blind said "whoa hot 🍞 relax dude" well just wanted to say I told you so.



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  • Google Billy Jack
    So anyway, JUUL contains no diacetyl. It never has. And if you weren't here to intentionally spread misinformation you'd know that it is at least 95% safer than cigarettes - which incidentally contain about 100 times as much diacetyl as certain e-cigarettes (not JUUL) that contain the chemical.
    Apr 14 3
    • Amazon hot 🍞
      Lol are you defending juul? Google should fire you.
      Apr 14
    • Microsoft iiieeegemm
      You're right, we should all just smoke cigarettes instead πŸ™„
      Apr 15
    • Apple Demagorgan
      He’s defending facts.
      Are you a Russian disinformation bot? Amazon should promote you lol
      May 3
  • Apple HumanDoing
    This is not new information, but useful nonetheless.
    Feb 3 0
  • Microsoft veduiam
    The article says it's dangerous to inhale diacetyl and that some e juice has it.

    Not likely though as manufacturers know not to use it. If it's a concern just look it up before you buy.

    The Vape industry needs regulation. All ingredients need to be listed on any bottles.
    Feb 3 0
  • Apple / Eng Apple Park
    Like the Infect Truth people say....”Here we go again!”
    Feb 3 0
  • Darwin theory at play. It's all about choices.
    *flies away*
    Feb 3 0
  • Apple Demagorgan
    Do you even realize what you’re breathing as you drive down the road on your daily commute?
    May 3 0