iMessage on company MacBook

Amazon UKBV06
Jun 9 9 Comments

Can employers see your convos if you use iMessage on a company MacBook? I know for iOS it’s encrypted, so what about for MacBooks?


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  • F5 Networks dontalk2me
    I can tell that you’re a LC hire
    Jun 9 0
  • Slack sl@ck
    Yes, they can possibly read your messages. Depends on what endpoint security software / MDM they have installed. Keep in mind on any employer owned device they can have up to full keystroke recording and even video recording / screenshotting. Knowing Amazon’s reputation, I would tread carefully.
    Jun 10 2
    • Apple lovrlovr
      iMessage is encrypted.
      In newer version of Mac, keystroke recording softwares have to ask for your permission. So no worry they cannot
      Jun 10
    • Apple lithiumbat
      Video recording? Wtf. What if I’m working on something in my room and happen to get changed or something.
      Jun 10
  • New / Strategy

    New Strategy

    Tesla Motors, BMW, Robert Bosch
    You work for Amazon?
    Jun 9 1
    • Amazon UKBV06
      yes TC 242 😊
      Jun 9
  • OpenDoor johnwick27
    Nope they can't
    Jun 9 2
    • Oath Atinlay2
      ......but don’t do anything on a company device you wish to hide
      Jun 9
    • New cbbu61
      That is 100% inaccurate. Your messages are stored in a sqlite DB on disk. IT has access to everything on that disk so it is trivial to read everything that the Messages client has seen.
      Jun 9