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Oracle hardhard
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i had two interviews, one with salesforce and one with pinterest. And honestly came out of interviewes feeling like i nailed the interviews, did not stutter on any questions for the most part and solved all code and design with spare time at the end, nailed the phone screen wirh great feedback before onsite. both for principal level position. the feedback was something like the code quality is not at bar or we feel like you are not principal level. what am i doing wrong? my wife thinks because i come off cocky to them and i always had the answers to most things right away. what do you guys suggest? is it just the bar is throufh the sky for those levels? is that they judge me based on yoe? no clue to be honest, its making me depressed

yoe 7
tc 400k


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  • Simplus MoonMan
    They are looking for people who can lead through influence and not job title. Think of some senior people that you have had great respect for at work and thing about their approach and tone while answering questions, then do a mock interview and record it on your phone. Watch it and listen and you may get some insights. You could solicit some feedback from people you trust as well outside your current company. Usually people are quite honest if you tell them you are looking for feedback on how to improve.

    Seriously though, at 400k your looking for a job that pays the same as some jobs in other industries that have 300 people reporting to them. They are likely to expect someone that everyone wants to have a beer with.
    Oct 15 1
    • Oracle hardhard
      Thanks so much for the suggestion, I will try it.
      Oct 15
  • Zillow Group “
    I will be depress with that TC.

    Hanging there bro
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  • New / IT

    New IT

    MLB Advanced Media
    Looking for opportunities within IT/InfoSec/Cyber
    That’s annoying, did they end up giving you any constructive feedback?
    Oct 15 1
    • Oracle hardhard
      I asked, but it’s mostly like the team felt this way about code, etc, it was not specific to as what part I fucked up
      Oct 15


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