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is there any way around a non compete in Utah?

Progressive Leasing taala61
Jan 18

My company suck a non compete in some stock they issued to me last year... anyway around this in Utah?


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  • Amazon bandwagon
    California and Texas do not allow companies from attempting to enforce noncompetes there even if you signed it in a state that does recognize it.

    So if you're willing to move, you can avoid it.

    You can also just ignore it anyways
    Jan 181
    • Microsoft Jsnsk
      @OP are you VP of director level? Most companies couldn't care less about non compete with their employees unless they have valuable/sensitive knowledge about a specific domain area.
      Jan 18
  • New DvVM00
    just ignore it. you are posting here so that means you are a low level employee. they don’t care, it’s just boilerplate so they can stop execs from taking the learnings with them.
    Jan 190
  • Progressive Leasing taala61
    I pitched that idea to the new company. maybe I should follow up
    Jan 180

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