job hopping: how long of tenure qualifies?

Jul 20 11 Comments

if someone changed jobs every X interval, youd consider them a job hopper. pick the largest range.



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  • Bloomberg 1337c4lyfe
    Anything under 3 years is job hopping to me. If somebody leaves after 2 years then they were ramping up for 6 months in the beginning and leetcoding for 6 months at the end, so at best they provided some questionable value for 12 months which obviously wasn’t rewarded or appreciated, which means that likely wasn’t impactful. That’s my bias.
    Jul 20 2
    • New / Product kekekekek
      Sounds like youre salty
      Jul 20
    • Meetup 92xms5
      2 years is standard
      Jul 20
  • New / Product blahhhhha
    Lmao whoever voted on 3+
    Jul 20 0
  • Amazon / Eng

    Amazon Eng

    2 year is very long time at Amazon. You deliver crazy amount of project under very high pressure, competing with the < 2yoe boys who work day and night and over the weekend for promotion. I would never call anyone job hopper who left Amazon after 1 < year.
    Jul 20 1
    • Amazon Waze
      Yeah, I think it depends on the company.
      Jul 20
  • Credit Karma jebezo
    The only thing that matters is if the new job is an upgrade or not.

    If you’re hopping after six months to a worse position, that looks way worse than leaving ATT after six months to join Google.
    Jul 20 2
    • Not if you do it repeatedly. Then it becomes obvious that your only using each company as an accelerant with no intention of staying.
      Jul 20
    • Credit Karma jebezo
      If you do it repeatedly enough times you should end up somewhere good. :)
      Jul 20
  • Amgen Fin4eng
    It is dependent on how many years/companies this has gone on for. ~3-5 no problem, 8+ then why would my company be different and why bother
    Jul 20 0
  • Amazon / Creative moneyblind
    Jul 20 0


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