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Jul 31 3 Comments

My skip-level manager is collecting feedback on the performance of my current manager and requested feedback from me via Apple HR email. Will my current manager figure out what I write about him? And does this feedback persist for every team to see, even if you switch teams in the future?


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  • Amazon hzhahjj
    Do you think your manager is performing well ? If not and if you don’t like him then throw in all your frustration. If its regular process, provide it cautiously
    Jul 31 1
    • Apple mousemat
      Thanks I will provide cautiously
      Jul 31
  • Synopsys oFEJ36
    I’d expect the second-level manager is discrete. That said, offer constructive and concrete feedback that you would stand behind. This isn’t an opportunity for random gripes. Constructive feedback makes you look insightful and it’s useful for your manager’s growth.
    Jul 31 0