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Salesforce sdr4934
Aug 26 2 Comments

I've an offer from marqeta, 170k base and 20k stock options over four years.
I'm currently smts at Salesforce, similar base and rsus.
I had the following questions
1) how's the work culture at marqeta?
2) what's the turnover like? is there a lot of politics and pips?
3) how's the place for career growth?
4) your TC for any IC role? want to know if their offer is fair.
5) any other info.
will reply if you have more questions, but your thoughts will be appreciated.
I didn't have the greatest feedback from my manager, that's why I started interviewing. So to give perspective, I'm not completely secure where I am.


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  • PayPal dfSs26
    What kind of questions were asked during onsite? Is it leetcode medium, hard? I have one this week!
    Oct 7 0
  • Adobe / Eng

    Adobe Eng

    Engineer and wanna be manager
    What position did you get offered? Sr software engineer? Any sign on bonus?
    Oct 4 0


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