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Microsoft Raiders!
Sep 11 9 Comments

I am happily married. my whole life it’s been about chasing women. now that i’m married, the instinct is still there but i just have to supress/ignore it.

feeling sorta empty as now i have to “turn off” a large part of myself and focus on other things.

how long does it take to lose it? i wanna focus on other things but nothing seems as exciting.


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  • Wayfair / Eng

    Wayfair Eng

    Imagine being someone who actually fills out the “previously” field and letting HR narrow down who might be.
    Try consuming more soy. It’ll raise your estrogen levels and lower your testosterone levels, eventually killing your desire for women, or even turn you gay. Problem solved!
    Sep 11 1
    • SAP dwEC83
      he will then chase men
      Sep 11
  • SAP dwEC83
    u sure you are Happily married? it doesnt sound like it
    Sep 11 1
    • Facebook ⭕w⭕
      u sure you still have your balls?
      Sep 11
  • Facebook ⭕w⭕
    Lose what? Your desire to chase tail? That will never go away bruh. Best way to suppress it is either frequent sex with the wife (best way), or ✊🌭.
    Sep 11 1
    • Microsoft Raiders!
      Lol chase tail..

      Let’s just say I am glad to be working in engineering and not in sales/marketing at some ad agency in nyc.
      Sep 11
  • LinkedIn ugjM43
    Sep 11 1
    • Facebook ⭕w⭕
      Blind users only know how to do 3Sum (LC 15).
      Sep 11
  • Microsoft Tattle
    It will suppress on its own over time. Please find another hobby and try to be normal around women.
    Sep 11 0


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