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Nov 6 4 Comments

Microsoft immigration sent me a visa evaluation questionaire before my onsite interview, I got selected for this years h1b lottery and is in te process of getting it approved due to rfe. In the worst case that I cannot get it approved, my opt expires on July 2021, and I have 20 months left and 2 more chances for reapplying for h1b. I’ve heard cases where Microsoft rescinds offer for people with only 1 year of opt left, curious if Microsoft considers candidates in my situtation? thanks!


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TOP 4 Comments
  • Microsoft / Product pakodey
    I don't think Msft rejects due to 1 yr opt.
    Nov 8 1
    • Amazon enlighter
      Really? I thought I’ve seen a bunch of cases where that happens
      Nov 8
  • New / Eng ronney
    You got an RFE working at Amazon?
    Nov 6 1
    • Amazon enlighter
      Yeah, RFE seems to be pretty random this year
      Nov 6


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