mortgage interest rates lowered - chance to buy for some

Amazon eofjdkjd
Jan 8

Average for 30 yr mortgage rate down to 4.5% from high of 4.9%

Also seeing more real estate interest in my personal network past few weeks.

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  • Jet.com gtfoorgtfo
    Low rates = exorbitant prices
    Jan 80
  • LinkedIn RDMR74
    Positive and optimistic post. I got 3.625% in Nov for ARM. Didn’t take 4.125% for 30 yr fixed.
    Jan 82
    • New DuQvV7x
      I’m genuinely curious why you made this choice.
      Jan 9
    • LinkedIn RDMR74
      My plan is to pay more towards principal within the first few years. Also wanted to keep initial monthly payments as low as possible.
      Jan 9

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