moved from the US to Europe/Asia?

Amazon idbslw
Mar 27 5 Comments

If you’ve made the move did it live up to your expectations? Would you recommend it? What were some of the challenges you didn’t expect?

I want to do at some point but I feel there are a lot of negatives:
- lower pay
- less career opps for tech so not as much growth
- getting a job when I come back: will pple take that experience seriously?
- unfriendly attitude towards brown pple (in some places)
- language barrier
- starting all over, leaving friends behind


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  • Verizon Media sxSG85
    The starting all over part scared me and I ended up passing an opportunity in Central Europe. People are nice but closed off. That’s how the culture is so you either go out of your way and adapt or be miserable. Of course not true for everyone but generally the case.
    Mar 27 2
    • Amazon idbslw
      How did you learn this?
      Mar 27
    • Verizon Media sxSG85
      Spent 3 months in Rotterdam and had a car so moved around a bit too.
      Of course it’s a subjective experience and not all Europeans are like that. But things live up to the stereotype is what I’m trying to say.
      Apr 6
  • Zenreach PrezDTrump
    If you value money and career, then no. If you value family, then maybe yes.
    Mar 27 0
  • New / Other ¯\_(ツ)__/¯
    Making friends in countries like spain and italy (maybe even france) should be easy. We are very welcoming and open.
    Forget about british and german folks though
    Apr 5 0


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