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panda taco

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panda tacomore
Aug 17 5 Comments

hey all i have +12 years in enterprise sales & cosulting.

whats the best way to get into microsft or into a large consulting company?


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  • Zoox / Eng VyGO67
    Stop saying "cosulting" in interviews
    Aug 17 0
  • NVIDIA wokeburger
    Forget all you know about Sales and learn to code.
    Aug 17 0
  • GitHub HarM
    Cosulting? Is that insulting someone but with a friend?
    Aug 17 0
  • Microsoft salesbra
    Where and what have you sold? Have you tried the referral route?
    Aug 17 0
  • Google fuhg
    Apply on the career portal. Give interviews and get in.
    Aug 17 0


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