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Walmart supkj
Nov 9 16 Comments

1. How is Pinterest work culture compared to Google? WLB, openness?
2. How is the engineering quality compared to Google?


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  • Riverbed Technology siegel
    Nov 9 5
    • LinkedIn tgrdf
      I see you negatively commenting on Pinterest on all threads. You seem to have been rejected I suppose. May be try harder next time.
      Nov 9
    • Riverbed Technology siegel
      Looks like I'm getting popular. Anyways, doesn't change the fact that P is ๐Ÿ’ฉ
      Nov 9
    • LinkedIn tgrdf
      May be. But it also doesn't change the fact that you can't get into it despite P being ๐Ÿ’ฉthat tells quite a bit about your technical background.
      Nov 9
    • Riverbed Technology siegel
      Assumption is the mother of all fk ups. So don't assume. Mofo.
      Nov 10
    • LinkedIn tgrdf
      You should learn to practice your words.
      Nov 10
  • Pinterest BlauCampos
    Moved from Google to Pinterest. Google is massive, so it's hard to say anything definite because culture varies between orgs. But for me:
    1) P WLB is good. 30-35 hours per week plus oncall. No oncall bonus. At G my last team had worse WLB but at an earlier team people barely worked 15-20 hours per week so ymmv.
    2) P engineer quality is comparable or slightly better overall. G had more extremes - some Gods and some complete losers. P quality is more consistent. Harder to hide for low performers but not many rockstar geniuses at the top like G.
    Quality of eng infra and architecture was way better at G because of scale, time and numbers
    Nov 12 4
  • Pinterest


    wlb is pretty good. Why would you expect a much smaller company to have similar eng quality as google?
    Nov 10 2
    • Google lGlb76
      Engineering quality can be comparable, definitely canโ€™t expect level of infrastructure etc to be the same though. But scale requirements will also be smaller.
      Nov 10
    • Walmart supkj
      Nov 11
  • Uber / Eng itsdara
    It's rather pinteresting
    Nov 9 0
  • LinkedIn TfAO31
    Why is LinkedIn tagged here
    Nov 10 0


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