May 9 6 Comments

Let’s be real, Is this about to become the new WallStreetBets?


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  • Oracle aham
    /followed. Autism level?
    May 91
    • OP
      Between $20k-$50k in most cases 😉
      May 9
  • Google dCyj41
    I wish. The only reason this is more entertaining is because there is a reasonable assumption everyone here makes 6 figures while everyone in WSB is trading with like $500.
    May 92
    • OP
      I’m pretty sure you have it backwards. Majority of the people posting their trades on WSB are trading upwards of $20k. This app really doesn’t tell you anything about the demographic
      May 9
    • Amazon mUwn3e
      Majority of people on wsb are tech bros on blind with money to throw away. Wsb and tech are both autistic hotspots
      May 9
  • Google Catullus
    May 90

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