#referral for friend

Gusto ouajs
Mar 12 7 Comments

A friend of mine is looking for entry level roles as a developer. She knows Javascript and has worked with the NERD stack. She is really talented, driven and a quick learner. Would anyone be willing to refer her? Dm if you are willing to help out a new developer!


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TOP 7 Comments
  • Oracle jakiechan
    Dm me for Oracle
    Mar 14 2
  • Datto, Inc. / R&D Klokov_v2
    Does she require authorization to work in the US? If not then I can refer her.
    Mar 12 2
    • Gusto ouajs
      She doesn't require authorization!
      Mar 12
    • Datto, Inc. / R&D Klokov_v2
      Coolio , just need her resume and I can put in a referral on our portal.
      Mar 12
  • Facebook / QA WPBL01
    Dm me for apple
    Mar 12 0