resign after signing (no back check)

Nov 14 9 Comments

dumb question, but is it okay to quit my job now? or is it risky to quit before background check?

accepted and signed amazon offer, background check hasnt started, visa process hasnt started, relocation process started

im a canadian citizen so visa should be okay.

i havent committed any crimes or anything, never failed a background check before.

TC: 190k
yoe: <1


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TOP 9 Comments
  • I always am a firm believer in waiting until your absolutely certain nothing will fall through with the visa or background. I don’t think you’ll have any issues but always better to be safe!
    Nov 14 2
    • OP
      I’ve heard this a lot too, guess I’ll just wait it out :/

      Nov 14
    • Groupon optimul
      Agreed. There is almost nothing to gain by quitting early. A few extra days off? But Almost everything to lose if something goes wrong.
      Nov 14
  • Siemens gBBK41
    Short answer NO - say nothing to anyone at work and when it’s 100% then give notice- strange things happen to all of us
    Nov 14 0
  • Goldman Sachs zgEs88
    Why you leaving?
    Nov 14 1
    • OP
      Tc, amazon brand, and my current company is very small and in Canada
      Nov 14
  • New / Eng LGNj72
    What’s your degree in?

    TN is degree based. Can easily get rejected at the border, even with CS Degree. I would push for them to file I-491 with premium processing, but that adds a month or two.

    If you’re TN status (you NEED to say status at the border, lawyers will coach you but Fragomen is slow af), you should be fine to renew until you get H1B. If you’re not Chinese/Indian you should be fine to get GC.

    If visa gets screwed up Amazon will take a few weeks to find you a spot. SDE-1 is riskier.

    Tldr I wouldn’t quit
    Nov 14 0
  • New / Data geoffbenzo
    what visa are you on? TN is never guaranteed. plus they don’t love people asking for it again after a few months. Renewing it more than twice is also tricky, depending on who you get.
    Nov 14 1
    • OP
      Going to start with tn visa then go to h1b -> gc process. Haven’t started visa process yet.

      I believe amazon can just send me back to Canada if I run into any visa issues.

      Why is renewing twice tricky? I thought you could renew infinitely every 2/3 years?
      Nov 14


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