riot games > G/FB/Amzn/Uber?

Amazon / Eng luck=skill
Oct 7 16 Comments

internship offers from the above. whatever companies i go to ill be looking to convert full time. riot seems like potentially the most fun but worried about low TC post graduation.

what can i expect in terms of TC for new grad at riot compared to the others?

in general where do you think i should go for internship?

currently final round: citadel/lyft/cruise



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  • Apple kahnyay
    I wouldn't touch riot with a 10 foot pole, especially if you're male

    That shit has crazy sexism issues and will hurt you more than help you getting your next job. Also gaming TC is low and WLB is trash because everyone "works for passion". So they treat you like crap because you're so privileged to be working for a game company

    If you wanna make games, find a studio that's owned by a big corp, like MSFT Studios. WLB and TC are good there because those groups don't have huge monetary pressure like most companies that just produce games
    Oct 7 2
    • Hulu TbVk8462
      To the above, out of all gaming Riot is the most horrible one. People would leave there crying. Unless you're a hardcore Riot gamer and nothing else then go there, otherwise stay away!!!!
      Oct 7
    • Riot Games unionrep
      This is a pretty uninformed opinion, unfortunately. Apple:

      So many assumptions that are generalized from other problems in our industry that we don't suffer...

      Fact is: Riot is a pretty great place to work. Actually my problem with our industry is with how few Riots there are to work in. We don't systematically crunch. Pay is great, not FAANG but closer than most. Great benefits and campus. good people.
      Oct 8
  • Microsoft FhJI43
    Only if you like havin good times with the boys
    Oct 7 1
    • Palo Alto Networks !💥
      You're not talking about soccer practice at all, are you?
      Oct 7
  • Google / Eng Tony🐯
    Facebook to jump start your career, then move on after a few years.
    Oct 7 1
  • Google GangGame
    Riot games is a trash company to work at. I'd go with goog or citidale
    Oct 7 0
  • Google poncho boy
    Oct 7 0
  • Riot Games / Other

    Riot Games Other

    Activision Blizzard, Facebook
    Don’t even compare Riot to Google/FB and Amazon. FAANG are WW top tier companies whilst Riot is a leading game studio with one hit game. If you want more career options long term, go for FAANG. If you are dead set to do video games, then go for Riot. But knowing that your choices will be very limited after Riot cuz most other gaming companies don’t pay as well as Riot and grind more. That’s why Riot has tons of senior ppl now just do nothing (demoted) but still with the company cuz they have no better options.
    Oct 8 0
  • Riot Games unionrep
    Riot is pretty great. But moreso in some areas than others.

    Ultimately do your homework and make a decision that's good for your career. Working in games is great for me and Riot is great for me, but you will have your own list of things you are looking for.
    Oct 8 0
  • Hortonworks


    If you love to play league of legends, then Riot is an obvious choice. There are lots of people who are willing to work for Riot and Blizzard for lower pay.
    If you are not a gamer, stay away.
    Oct 7 0
  • IBM / Data bbWI22
    Citadel, especially in Chicago. LCOL and high TC.
    Oct 7 0
  • Riot Games xxxyyy1
    FAANG has more career options. Riot if you are a gamer and want to be around gamers.
    Oct 10 0
  • Riot Games / Eng qiyana
    a bit of context riot baseline offer for new grads is about 135k base 18k SSP (think of this as fake stock structure) and negotiable signing bonus. Not top of the line comparative to citadel but honestly really good for a game dev shop and good comparative to LA.

    I know there's a lot of debate about culture and I was worried too but I really enjoy my experience here and have come to an understanding that doesn't necessarily reflect the media coverage.

    If you really like nerding out Riot is a dream come true for me, but in aspects of TC you gotta decide what's important.

    TC 200K
    Oct 8 0
  • Google BogoScript
    Citadel has some insane new grad offers.
    Oct 7 0


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