spotify team matching

Sep 20 11 Comments

I recently had an onsite at spotify, and the recruiter got back saying they’re now looking for a team for me to join. Does this mean I’ve passed the onsite, or is it like google where you can go to HC after team matching? I realize it’s still possible to not get any interest from teams, but I have my fingers crossed for an offer!

This is for backend engineer position.



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  • Amazon pdfht
    Don’t know the answer to that but curious what is it like working at IKEA
    Sep 20 2
    • New rich101
      You assemble your future.
      Sep 20
    • IKEA HnqR0
      Amazing WLB, perks are standard for a Swedish company. Great job security. Just recently went through a reorganization to be more product oriented within the digital org, but at the end of the day we’re still a furniture company.
      Sep 20
  • Uber drizz
    If you get an offer can you share the details?
    Sep 20 2
    • Sony / Data

      Sony Data

      I'd be highly interested, too. Did you get the interview via referral?
      Sep 26
    • IKEA / Eng ajshfie13
      No offer or rejection yet, I just applied via the website. Might be because I applied to Stockholm and not NYC or Boston
      Sep 26
  • AQR lmnoop
    Didn't you have a HM round at the end? Those should be the people considering to hire you, there is no separate team match.
    Sep 20 3
    • IKEA / Eng ajshfie13
      Yes I had the culture round with the HM, but he’s the manager of the entire org, which is made up of many different teams. The recruiter actually said team match in the email. I guess I will find out for sure what it means next week.
      Sep 20
    • AQR lmnoop
      which location?
      Sep 20
    • IKEA / Eng ajshfie13
      Sep 20
  • Microsoft / Eng

    Microsoft Eng

    Senior Software Development Engineer
    There’s no HC. There are hiring managers per sub org who decide whether they want you in their org. But if you got to team matching that mean all interviewers agreed on yes
    Sep 20 0