switching company 4yrs into H1B with I140 - GC implications

Microsoft / Eng amnotblind
May 23 5 Comments

My perm application was based on experience gained in India. Was working in a similar team with same company as I am in US. I have my I-140 now. I have been on h1b for around 4 yrs now. If I switch company, its going to be difficult to get experience letter from current employer. Can I use the same experience letter from India when my perm gets re-initiated at the new employer (assuming both companies are in similar line of business)? also, is it safe in terms of GC processing to switch at this stage (specifically, is it possible that delays in fresh perm can get me out of status by the time by h1b expires after 6th yr)?


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  • Facebook fbeer
    This is a good question for an immigration lawyer but as long as your job remains in the same area you should be able to reinitiate your old perm.

    In any case you can not expect you stay in the same job until you get a GC since the wait for Indians is just excruciatingly long
    May 23 2
    • Microsoft / Eng amnotblind
      what did you mean by reinitiating old perm? would it help to retain my current i140?

      and a really dumb question - whats a good way to find a good immigration lawyer?
      May 23
    • Facebook fbeer
      You'll always need to reapply for perm just that you'll retain your old priority date.

      To talk to a lawyer I'd get an offer and before signing it ask the recruiter to connect you to immigration. I'm sure they'd be happy to
      May 23
  • Microsoft Zuckbook
    Why is it difficult to get letter from current employer?
    May 23 1
    • Microsoft / Eng amnotblind
      new employer wil be a direct competitor
      May 24


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