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Currently at a start up and my manager suggested that I look into doing more product stuff. I currently do CS.

Net/net they’re going to loop me in on more product related stuff after my review. When a position opens up on that team I was told i’d permanently move into product.

What should O expect working in product?
I dont think they’re going to pay me market rate for a PM (if thats what they end up assigning me) cause theyre cheap.
Should i negotiate when the transition happens or just do the job? Essentially learning and jumping ship is they dont give me a raise the year after?
Am i making the right choice? i know in my market PMs could start at $100k which is $15k more than my current salary.

additional info - i know our tool really well (longest tenure) and am one of the few people on CS with experience on the client side as well.

any advice would be welcome!


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  • New lapdm
    There is more potential for elevation as a PM than a dev. If being a PM is something that interests you, it’s best to do the job and get the title and then jump ship as most companies will not hire you without previous experience...classic chicken and egg problem. Technical PMs can demand even more from the market.
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  • PayPal XuAu54
    PM is the most boring job of all. You add a button to a screen and pray that it improves some metric by 1%
    Oct 19 1
    • OP
      That’s for the insight. I’ll keep that in mind.
      Oct 19


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