technology stack at Salesforce

Visa Jdes
Feb 7 8 Comments

Will the technology stack at salesforce be age-old or do they change the things as per the market especially for back end engineers like more open source projects on big data , cloud databases and contributing towards open source like Uber /LinkedIn ?

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  • Intel Intelegacy
    Visa or Intel shouldn’t point fingers at other while we have lot of shit to clean
    Feb 7 0
  • Salesforce OuiC70
    It depends on org, cloud and team. I’ve experienced three teams all in infra as intern and new grad. In these infra teams, I have not worked with legacy codes and worked on new services that use techs that are up to date with the industry.
    Feb 7 1
    • Salesforce $CRM
      Infra is cool regarding tech stack and learning
      Feb 10
  • Apple OFOM41
    The core product which most people work on is really old Java code and OracleDB on the backend. The front end is kinda better, it’s a framework kinda like React but created in house within the company. If you work on the backend of the core product, basically the stack probably isn’t going to change much for a long time just because of how convoluted and monolithic it is.
    Feb 7 1
    • Bloomberg / Eng

      Bloomberg Eng

      So I've heard. I've heard they were a really heavy Oracle (and previously Sun) shop to the point of running Java and Oracle on SPARC until recently.
      Feb 7
  • Salesforce bff
    Depends on where you land, no two clouds are the same and there is a ton of legacy Oracle crap
    Feb 7 1
    • Visa Jdes
      oh you mean lot of back-end database and tools ? I accepted an offer from Einstein analytics reporting team at Sfo so wondering whether i ll end up working on SF property than open source .
      Feb 7
  • Salesforce Parisian
    I don’t agree. Sure Salesforce has some old tech and reliance on XMLs, but the new Ux framework is great and we always run the latest java versions developing in the way we like to. Also, if you go to any of the acquisition teams, you can potentially implement and design a lot more there.
    Feb 7 0


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