travel AFTER h1b transfer approved

New QQdt81
Mar 12 3 Comments

working with firm 1 with valid visa for next few years. firm 2 gives an offer and starts premium processing for h1b transfer. I have to travel internationally next month. now consider scenarios :

if h1b transfer completes after I come back from my travel: all good. I'll come back on firm 1 visa, I can then resign and join the new company

if the h1b transfer is approved before next month: i won't have time to give notice to firm 1, I also might have issues while coming back because I'll have firm 1 visa + firm2 approved visa at the same time.

do you have any suggestions for handling the case 2? can I still come back on firm 1 visa, serve the notice and join firm 2 all while my transfer is already approved?

tc:200k 3 yoe


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  • Yahoo bruh.
    Application by firm2 and potential approval have no effect on your current H1B visa via firm1 so it should be still valid in case2. Hope that helps!
    Mar 121
    • New QQdt81
      thanks, thats what I thought too but some people mentioned that in case of the approval, I'll be issued a new i94 which won't match with the older visa i94. so I wasn't sure.
      Mar 12
  • VMware biyx55
    This also true. I had a friend who was in your case 2 situation. But the next new employer law firm rejected his h1b transfer saying his stay after the entry was out of status. He contacted other lawyers and they confirmed its not an issue but the new company lawyers weren't. He couldn't join at the end.
    Mar 120

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