uber poaching?

Oct 11 17 Comments

A director of design emailed me asking if I was interested in a role on her team. Does this mean the interview process will be easier? Am i already in?

Would love to hear from anyone that has had this situation happen to them.

Also would love to hear any insights on Uber Eats.


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  • As negative as the world is towards Uber, even its own internal blind, I love working here. Sure it’s a rough time right now, my TC also got affected due to the stock drop, but I’m in it for the long term, so I don’t let it affect me. Many opportunities to effect the bottom line. Doesn’t hurt to interview and find out more. I work in uber eats.
    Oct 11 4
    • Uber fkfba
      Good for you that you like it.
      Oct 11
    • Facebook


      Google, Oracle
      Good to know. But the most important is if it is possible to be profitable? From what you see, is there a way to be profitable? I am asking because uber recruiter approached me and I am considering.
      Oct 11
    • It’s definitely risky, I’m not good at reading finance things, but ER is coming up next month, which should say a lot about where uber is going financially. Personally I think it’s possible, if Uber’s bets such as freight, ATG or elevate work out. Plus meituan is profitable, so eats possibly should be too. High risk high reward at current stock price.
      Oct 11
    • Microsoft pFmv15
      I am about to join Uber ATG (risky, I know). The way I see it—someone has to do ridesharing. There’s no going back. It’s so much more effective in most places than unreliable/unpleasant taxis. Given that someone will be doing ridesharing, I have to believe there is some business model that makes it profitable (absolutely with AVs, but even before that). I figure Uber is in a better, more diversified position than Lyft and other smaller ride sharing companies (but also more leveraged). I also think there will be a push toward profitability now, since that’s become a huge focus. So with Uber being diversified and well funded, I think we’ll see Uber on the rise in the next few years. If I’m wrong, which is very possible, I received 9 other offers during the past 1.5 months of interviewing, so I figure I’ll look to any of those places for a job (or hopefully get a shot to interview at fb). Just wanted to give you what was going through my mind when I made the risky decision to sign recently
      Oct 12
  • Quantcast cECE03
    Probably just a recruiter/assistant using their email.
    Oct 11 1
    • OP
      That’s what I thought too.. isn’t that unethical though lol
      Oct 11
  • Adobe jjjx12
    I get emails asking if I'm interested in FB, Google, whatever. It just means you have their attention and don't have to cold apply. I'd expect the rest of the process to be unmodified.
    Oct 11 0
  • New / Design 👩‍🎨🎨🖍
    Nah. I’ve been at companies where the Director of Product / Design referred someone. We still went through the process to interview them and we can say no if we wanted. This was a proper referral not even found randomly online. We had to really explain why it it was a “no” though.

    The only time I’ve ever skipped interviewing is a tiny startup and the CEO was asking me to join. However that’s also not guaranteed. This CEO wanted to hire a particular engineer that I knew. I took him aside and told him why I did not think that would be a good hire and why.
    Oct 11 0
  • The stock price will pick up - it's just a matter of time.
    Oct 11 1
    • Doubt Uber is going up, the market is playing lock down defense on tech ipo that dont generate a profit. Wework woke the market up to that in a serious way, no profit no market gains
      Oct 11
  • Zillow Group sofaking
    Honestly, I don’t think it will be any easier just because of that. Loops are what they are, a sorry bunch of folks who drew the short straw for that day. Managers and directors will spend some of their time recruiting, which sometimes means reaching out to folks directly to try to appear genuine. That said, they don’t just randomly spam folks. They see something in your profile that makes them believe you’ve got it, so assuming you didn’t oversell yourself too much or just blatantly lie in your profile, it means you already have what they want.
    Oct 11 0
  • Uber Fdabte
    I think Market is just woozy, Uber is growing and will continue to grow. I definitely see profitability but it’s a zero sum game and Lyft is definitely losing its ground. Same will happen to DD once their VC $ dries up, they’ll suffer as well. It will all be good in upcoming quarters (definitely depends on how Trump handles trade deal of course)
    Oct 11 2
    • Google LyLs67
      Keep drinking the Kool aid
      Oct 13
    • Uber Fdabte
      Aight, I will 😊
      Oct 13
  • Uber beeusa
    You're not in you still have to interview through the process. You may have a slight edge in that maybe they already like your background so they will be less probing. But that's probably it. It's possible the director won't even be in the interview loop.
    Oct 11 0
  • It means they will overlook minor flaws but not major problems in interview. But you can steer interview to your advantage if played right.
    Oct 11 0


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