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Microsoft Sky7
Jun 18 7 Comments

Finish my onsite two weeks ago. Got response 2 days later saying my 2 coding are strong, but there are some concern on system design, so they gave me an additional video interview last Friday. It's a bar raiser. The interviewer's level is very high at Uber. I think I had a good conversation, and I felt I should get a result on Monday. Since I have one offer from FLGA, I sent one email at Sunday night and one on Monday afternoon implying that I may need to make some descision this week, but recruiter just does not responde at all. She used to be very respnsive.

Does anyone know what does it mean normally? If they want me to wait, why cannot let me know. If it's rejection, one email is enough.


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  • Our recruiters suck and often ghost people, sorry šŸ˜©
    Jun 18 0
  • IBM vYOM41
    I have been in this place too. I had a successful technical phone screen, and had a tight deadline. They dint reply for a week inspite of me telling them about my other offer. I just gave up. They came back a week later telling that they dint find a team to bring me up onsite
    Jun 18 0
  • Amazon Strike
    Iā€™m in the exact same boat right now
    Jun 20 1
    • Microsoft Sky7
      Finally get offer today. But recruiter is not even very responsive today. I think I am the backup. The first dude probably rejects it today.
      Jun 20
  • MathWorks ofibebehn
    I had a really good experience and super prompt responses from Uber recruiters!
    Jun 18 0
  • Uber / Eng po0
    Jun 19 0
  • Microsoft Sky7
    Finally replied. Apparently, they r still reviewing it. Will get result in one or two days.
    Jun 18 0


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