vmware goes shopping

Pivotal wbldn
Aug 22 15 Comments

Pivotal for $2.7B
Carbon Black for $2.1B



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TOP 15 Comments
  • Yelp


    Such a bunch of boring companies
    Aug 23 1
    • Pivotal


      Engineer , previously startups, consulting
      You work at Yelp.
      Aug 23
  • Juniper Pliny Jr
    Vmware turns their acquisitions into princes. They have top competent leadership involved in making these companies shine.
    Aug 27 0
  • New Gned33
    I am expecting larger than normal layoffs in January.
    Aug 30 0
  • VMware eatbeef
    We love our stock taking a shit!
    Aug 23 3
    • Pivotal wbldn
      thats more so because of reducing guidance for the license sales
      Aug 23
    • Workday / Product tdf
      What license sales ? Whatever happened to SDP ?
      Aug 23
    • Juniper Pliny Jr
      Pivotal, wrong!
      Aug 27
  • VMware xs0hcn
    That has more to do with overpaying for pivotal
    Aug 23 2
    • Juniper Pliny Jr
      Actually quite the opposite. Watch the Vmworld analysts on YouTube after they talk to Gelsinger and the other vid with Poonen.
      Aug 30
    • VMware xs0hcn
      We paid 80% more than what the market believed they were worth. How can you dispute this?
      Aug 30
  • Oracle ora6cle
    They have cash to burn..and that's what are doing..
    Aug 22 0
  • Workday / Product tdf
    Thoughts ? Write them off in 3 years 😂
    Aug 22 0
  • VMware yomanx
    Pivotal for 2.7b? Less than their market cap?!
    Aug 22 1
    • Pivotal wbldn
      they already owned a bit. bought remaining stocks at the IPO price— more than current stock proce
      Aug 22