vw jetta 2019

Microsoft / Eng 6hworkday
Jan 3 7 Comments

is it worth it


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  • SAP Cabron
    In America, VW cars give more trouble than other brands.
    Jan 3 4
    • Microsoft curioususr
      Jan 3
    • SAP Cabron
      Cause they fail more and more often. They have very complex engines. Honda/Toyota have more simple engines which can last easily 200k miles or more. Starting 2017 Honda introduced turbo in their engines, not sure how the statistics will change because of this.
      Jan 3
    • Microsoft curioususr
      Haven't had problems in 5 years of active use, so ymmv. Plus they give extended warranty on new models (presumably to boost sales).
      Jan 3
    • SAP Cabron
      Yes but I'm talking about statistics.. in them, thousands of ppl participates, not only one or two. There is a good reason why Honda/Toyota have higher resale value. Even if vw gives guarantee, you will be in the shop more and waste more time. Finally, there was a time that Passat or Jetta were good looking cars. I think they lost their taste.
      Jan 3
  • TD


    If you have to get a VW, get a Golf. Better interior quality, more stylish and more usable trunk.
    Jan 31 0
  • The Passat is a better option
    Jan 3 0

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