what are my options?

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Sep 4 6 Comments

hi community,

i know i need to get out, but nothing posted around be is either in my industry, what i am interested in, or require experience i do not have.

what would be your suggestions for my next steps?


i have 3+ years of experience in telecom as in-house counsel. however, since working at a start-up and the team is not big on legal, while i got to be HR for about 2 years in the last 3, my growth has been stagnant as an attorney.

additionally, after a converstion with the CEO, i realized that the company has no plan for me. things i believe are important are getting shut down or transferred away without specific reasoning. now my duties are back to what it was three years ago.

honestly, i was expecting to be let go after the conversation.

how would you proceed? tips on finding legal work?

many thanks for your time.


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  • Roku cruella
    What kind of legal work do u do?

    I know IP attorneys, brand protection attorneys etc in big tech (fang) make HUGE sums of money.

    Swe money is peanuts compared to that.
    Sep 4 2
    • New / Legal not-here
      Thanks cuella

      Since I am the sole legal counsel, my practice area is more general: commercial contract management (drafting and negotiation), data privacy, and soft IP (trademark and some copy rights). Additionally, I have experience in labor/employment (from my stint as the HR Manager).

      Turning into patent (where the money is at) might be tough since I don’t have a BS degree..
      Sep 5
    • Roku cruella
      Honestly I don't know much about legal field.

      But I do know some stuff like u mention. Trademark soft ip etc make a lot of money.
      Sep 5
  • DLA Piper / Legal Associate2
    Have you considered moving into a law firm that specializes in being outside general counsel to startups? That may the best fit for your current skillset, and allow you to expand your training and career with the guidance of more senior attorneys in the firm when first look problems arise that you haven't encountered.
    Sep 5 1
    • New / Legal not-here
      That’s a great advice. I’ll look into that. Thanks!
      Sep 5
  • Verizon TePyyr1o6z
    I know Disney does a lot of IP but they don't make bank... But I bet FAANG or a Big law firm in tech field may be to your liking.
    Sep 6 0


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