what is thing if known earlier, would have helped clear FANG interview?

eBay cryptofly
Feb 4, 2018 10 Comments

leetcode is obvious


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  • New / EngAAIU16
    Apparently pulling your PENIS out isn't an appropriate response to what your hobbies are. Oh well there's always next time ;,(
    Feb 4, 20183
    • Amazon / Eng


      No joke, I did a Skype call with a hiring manager at one of the big 5 and for some reason I just assumed it was an audio only deal so I took the call in only my underwear. All the guy got was me yelling a profanity and slamming the laptop close....shortest interview ever.
      Feb 4, 2018
    • New hgSd34v
      Didn't happen.
      Feb 5, 2018
    • Microsoft hdj8hrj
      Yes, it did. I interviewed him.
      Feb 5, 2018
  • Dropbox / EngCakeeee
    Don't spend time chit chatting at the beginning when it's a technical interview. I can't even count the number of candidates that ramble on forever and I can't even find a good point to politely stop them. They'll be more opportunities to show off later, folks
    Feb 4, 20181
    • Microsoft geek god
      this is bad practice, people should break the ice!!
      Feb 5, 2018
  • Lyft hardfork
    Leaving more space on whiteboard. Remaining calm and writing something or explaining thought process instead of going blank.
    Feb 4, 20180
  • New 3%
    Also, no hypothetical questions about poop. Apparently it’s a big red flag
    Feb 4, 20180
  • Microsoft espresso<3
    The questions
    Feb 5, 20180
  • Google / EngBob Lawbla
    Be good at interviews.
    Feb 4, 20180

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