whats up with MS recruiters?

Intel qgte
Oct 24 6 Comments

so i am working with this recruiter from MS who is superr slow. they contact me on linkedin , i reply within a day expressing interest. then they come to ask for formal resume and ask for filling a questionnaire, but there is no attachment. so we go back an forth until i can fill the damn questionnaire. after 2 weeks they get back to me asking me to take an online test that expired in 48 hours (!!). i take it , solve all ques without issue, and notify them, and now they are again incommunicado for 2 weeks!!

is this typical? how can recruiters be so lax ?


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  • Amazon uFht23
    I was a referred in, resume directed, by a MSFT Exec for a position that seemed perfect. I heard once from a recruiter saying she’d be setting things up for “next steps”, and never heard back. I figured if they are that lax and disorganized, best off not even bothering with MSFT. The Exec was at a loss, too, to understand how the F they could have dropped the ball. Oh well, blessing in disguise - better opportunities came along anyway. Oh, and two weeks is nothing. Not just MSFT, but in general, many companies drop the ball and fail on timelines. I like that Amazon at least has SLA’s on various response and action times.
    Oct 25 0
  • Microsoft xIdC37
    It’s Microsoft culture to relax and we will eventually get there.
    Oct 25 1
    • AnchorFree / Eng 🍪 cookie
      I like your culture. Good wlb? :)
      Oct 25
  • Microsoft / Eng kfvvfdsvv
    I had pleasant experience with MS recruiters.
    Oct 25 1
    • Intel qgte
      This may be a bad one. Should I get in touch with another one? Will another one refuse to work with me if I am already in the process, so to say ?
      Oct 25
  • Google fodswb
    I also had a great experience with Microsoft recruiters
    Oct 25 0


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