which facebook teams for a 10 year Java backend engineer?

Apple lengendF
Oct 15 3 Comments

hi friends,

I just accepted the facebook E5 offer.

I have 10 year Java backend experience, have lots of interests in micro-service, event-stream architecture, NoSQL and distributed systems. Recently I became interested in Python, as I saw lots of hot companies embrace Python.

I'd prefer infrastructure team, it seems to match my experience and interests, and also have good work-life balance for an engineer like me who has kids. But my concern is that most infrastructure teams use C++, not Python. I haven't used C++ since college, not sure how fast I can ramp up C++?

any suggestions are welcome!


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  • Uber kgutcbkh
    Offer details please
    Oct 15 0
  • Facebook findnewjob
    Cassandra team at IG. Though I would advice to pick up C++ if you are looking for a long term career at FB. Most of the infra is built on C++, do not limit yourself to Java.
    Oct 15 1
    • Snapchat w8vbyc
      +1 on picking up c++. Btw did you find the new job?
      Oct 15


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