Blind Score: iPhone X 👍 or 👎?

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Anonymous survey says… meh.

Last week Apple unveiled the long-anticipated, thoroughly leaked iPhone X. They made sure we knew it was called “ten” not “x”. Tim and the executive team at Apple talked about the iPhone 8 and 8+, but none of us were there to hear about that.

We took the liberty to load a quick poll on Blind to see how the tech community felt about this 10-year anniversary device. Instead of drilling into specs, price, design, or a will-it-bend test, we left it open-ended with just a thumbs up or a thumbs down.

Results? 50:50

Over 3600 users across 174 companies took part in our anonymous survey.

50.29% voted 👍 (thumbs up)

49.71% voted 👎 (thumbs down)

So we broke out the results by some of the leading tech companies and threw in data on iOS and Android users for good measure.



First of all. It’s worth noting that 97.6% of employees at Apple were iOS users. Not surprising. Google was the neutral of the bunch with 48.3% of users voting thumbs down. Makes you wonder where Pixel is in on this.

In general, iPhone users favored the iPhone X, except at Microsoft where nearly 2 out of 3 employees voted thumbs down, including the majority of their current iPhone users.

57.8% of Blind users from Amazon also voted thumbs down. Perhaps frugality being a part of their DNA might’ve had something to do with it. Facebook, on the other hand, was heavily in favor of the new device.

The real correlation here is age demographics (although we don’t collect that information) that plays a significant role in how tech consumers value the iPhone X, with the exception of Apple employees. It’s clear they just love Apple.

Written by: Alex Shin, Head of Operations at TeamBlind

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