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We surveyed our community of verified tech employees on Salary and Job Satisfaction.

Blind Survey is an anonymous, in-feed, one-question survey available for verified Blind users in the private company and Tech Lounge channels.

Results are aggregated by company. We removed outliers (such as companies with very low participation) and tried to take a pulse of how tech employees in Silicon Valley feel about their employment, work environment, compensation, and more; through the anonymous filter that is Blind.

We felt that results would be honest, timely and very revealing. This is a series we hope to build on, as the premise behind Blind was to give equal voice to everyone.

Blind Survey: “I’m Compensated Fairly” (YES/NO)

Blind Survey: “I’m Compensated Fairly”

4174 unique responses
2134 YES (51.13%)
2040 NO (48.87%)

Blind Survey: “I’m interested in changing jobs/companies” (YES/NO)

Blind Survey: “I’m interested in changing jobs/companies”

3637 unique responses
2452 YES (67.42%)
1185 NO (32.58%)
Blind Survey: Job change interest, results for top 10 companies on Blind.
Blind Survey: Combined results for Comp Satisfaction and Job Change interest (YES only)

Notable Results

  1. Netflix and Facebook scored significantly higher in both Compensation Satisfaction and Employees seeking job change (low is good).
  2. Microsoft scored the lowest in BOTH categories.
  3. Uber, Lyft, and Airbnb are within 0.5% of each for Job/Company change interest.


Written by: Alex Shin, Head of Operations at TeamBlind

TeamBlind is venture backed and based in San Francisco. We build and distribute Blind — Anonymous Community App for the WorkPlace.

Available both on the App Store and Google Play.

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