Survey says, 20% of Googlers are working on a side project–and 81% of Apple employees want to

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Results from Blind Survey Question: “Side Gigs?”

Interested. Not Interested. Already Working on Something.

On the contrary, Netflix employees show the least interest and commitment to a side hustle. Coming in at 0%, admitting to working on a side project and topping the list as the only company where “Not Interested” was voted more than “Interested.”

Netflix: 55.56% Not Interested | 44.44% Interested

Surprisingly (maybe not), Apple employees show the highest interest in partaking in a side project coming in at 81.48%. Yet, only 7.41% of employees marked that they were currently “working on something.”

The survey lasted just 3 days on Blind App, and more than 3000 verified users participated.

Here are the results in a bit more detail: in order of side gig interest.


What’s worth noting here, is just two weeks prior, we surveyed on Blind about compensation satisfaction. The results paint a similar picture.

Blind Survey: “I’m Compensated Fairly.” (Yes/No) Results Aggregated by Company


Note Netflix’s position here. 87.5% voted “Yes” to whether or not they were compensated fairly.

Apple, on the other hand, was at near bottom of our Blind’s Top 10 tech company list (just shy of Microsoft) with only 42.22% of employees surveyed voting yes on compensation satisfaction.

For reference, Side Job Interest across all Tech users within Blind was as follows:


Blind Survey: All Users. “Side Gigs?” (Interested, Not Interested, Already Working on Something)

Google has had a long history of encouraging their employees to work on side projects: the focal point of creating impact. Granted they’ve rolled back on their 20% personal project policy, but it doesn’t seem like that has deterred the average Googler from pursing a side hustle.

Written by: Alex Shin, Head of Operations at TeamBlind

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