3 Powerful #MeToo Stories Posted on Blind

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We just recently launched a channel for women in tech to anonymously share their #MeToo stories.

Though the app focuses mostly on tech workers, employees from any industry can join and contribute to the publicly viewable section of Blind.

Recently Trending #MeToo Stories on BLIND:

When HR refuses to help, ask BLIND:

If you ever felt that your HR department doesn’t have your best interests at heart or are afraid of getting attacked for reporting sexual harassment in the workplace, this BLIND user says that BLIND is changing the game. A few years before working at Planned Parenthood, one woman reported sexual harassment from a supervisor to her HR department at the time and was told that it must have been a misunderstanding and that he was a “nice guy.” They didn’t take the report seriously and sided with the supervisor.

You can read the full post here: https://www.teamblind.com/article/When-HR-refuses-to-help-use-Blind-tYg0OGj0

Had my life ruined for years:

You should never have to go through trauma, sexual assault, and shaming in the workplace –everyone deserves the right to feel safe at work and in their teams. One woman shares her story of being invited to a company outing that turned into a nightmare involving getting drugged, waking up to sexual assault, getting marked for unfair poor performance reviews, and having to live and work with PTSD from the ordeal.

You can read the full post here: https://www.teamblind.com/article/Had-my-life-ruined-for-years-z5ECMPni

Do men need to ask for consent?:

What’s friendly and what’s crossing the line? #MeToo movement brings up an important conversation on how we interact with each other, address cultural and gender perceptions, and set healthy boundaries. One man asks, “Should we ask for consent when flirting?”

You can read the full post here: https://www.teamblind.com/article/Do-men-need-to-ask-consent-for-courtship-j4aREM3U

With the launch of the #MeToo channel, Blind is empowering workers to anonymously submit their stories of sexual harassment, and share experiences of sexism, gender gap, wage disparity, and discrimination in the workplace. Though anyone can contribute their story, Blind’s #MeToo channel was created with the intent of elevating the voices of women in tech and providing a space for them to freely share their stories without fear of retaliation.

Download the BLIND app and share your #MeToo story here.

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