We Asked Users if Their Company Would Do Well in 2018. Here’s What They Said.

Just as 2017 came to a close, the Blind team asked its community to make a prediction: Do you think your company will do well in the new year? Yes or no? The survey didn’t specify if doing well meant having success in business, finance, or work culture, so the results could refer to any one of these areas (maybe even all of the above or something else entirely). Regardless of what factors the users considered, Blind has decided to check up on how the survey results have fared as we approach the end of Q1.



Among the companies listed above, Netflix received the most positive outlook. One hundred percent of surveyed Netflix employees said that the company would do well this year. Facebook came in second with nearly 88 percent. Adobe, Google, and Amazon followed with at least 67 percent.

Netflix continues its expansion in current affairs and news streaming, but company updates have been minimal otherwise. (Maybe no news is good news.) For Google, 2018 hasn’t exactly taken off smoothly. The company continues to struggle with its war over diversity, has been accused of unjustly firing another employee, and has received a lawsuit from a former company engineer who alleges she was sexually harassed. At one point, she even found a (creepy) coworker under her desk. Amazon also made the headlines last month when they began laying off corporate employees in Seattle, among them a Blind user. Amazon still continues to expand though. The company has announced plans to venture into healthcare, has started delivering groceries via Prime, and continues its search for HQ2.

On the other end of the survey spectrum, about 67 percent of surveyed Airbnb employees said that their company would not do well. Nearly 81 percent of Snapchat participants said the same and Twitch had the highest amount of negative results with close to 94% percent.

Looking back on the news, user predictions don’t seem far off. Airbnb CFO Laurence Tosi announced his exit on February 1, leaving the company’s plans to go public up in the air. Around that time, things were looking up for Snap as its stock soared to more than $20 a share. The good news didn’t last long though. The price plunged a couple weeks later. Maybe it was Kylie Jenner’s tweet that sent SNAP tumbling or maybe it was the app’s poorly received re-design. March didn’t bring better headlines as Snap announced plans to let go of more than 100 engineers, among them another Blind user. As for Twitch, there hasn’t been any news (yet) but according to an anonymous Twitch employee, the company has been reorganizing.

The year is still young so things may look quite different by December!

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