Survey Results: Nearly 40 Percent of Tech Employees Say They Consumed Cannabis in the Past Six Months

It’s almost 4/20, and with recreational marijuana now legal in California, Blind ran a poll to find out how many of its users had consumed cannabis in the past six months. Today, the results are shared! Out of the 5,112 app users that responded, 39.4 percent replied YES to consuming cannabis.



Curious about the numbers for specific companies, including Google, Uber, or Twitch? See the chart below to read the data for 20 tech companies. These 20 tech companies had the highest number of employees that participated in this survey. Forty-nine percent of surveyed Lyft employees said they consumed cannabis in the past six months. Netflix had the same results and tied with Lyft for the most amount of cannabis users. Adobe showed the least amount of employee cannabis consumption at only 23 percent.

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