Survey Says: 14 Percent Deleted Facebook

It’s been one month since the Facebook and Cambridge Analytica scandal began dominating the news. What’s happened since then? Mark Zuckberg has testified before Congress, the number of affected users went up to 87 million (possibly more), and a growing number of people have participated in a movement to #DeleteFacebook, including Elon Musk, Steve Wozniak, and WhatsApp co-founder Brian Acton.

41.3% either deleted fb or tightened their privacy settings

#DeleteFacebook started trending in March, shortly after the data scandal broke. As the movement gained momentum, we asked our app users if they planned on deleting their own Facebook accounts. An overall 31% of participants answered YES.

Now nearly one month later, we posed a follow-up question to find out how many people actually deleted their accounts. We asked: Since the Cambridge Analytica Scandal, have you deleted your Facebook account? Nearly 5,000 responded and only 13.7% said YES. Additionally, 23.6% of respondents said they kept their account but tightened their privacy settings. That makes a total of 41.3% who either restricted access to their profiles or got rid of their account altogether.

The survey ran from April 12 through 19. Here are the full results:

A.) Yes 678 (13.7%)
B.) No, but I tightened my privacy settings 1,169 (23.6%)
C.) No, and I didn’t adjust my privacy settings either 2,627 (53.1%)
D.) I didn’t have Facebook before the incident 477 (9.6%)

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Did you delete facebook? 14% say they deleted facebook

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