One-Fifth of Tech Professionals Say Management Does NOT Take Sexual Harassment Complaints Seriously

FEATURED IMAGE | Source: Prentsa Aldundia, METOO, CC BY-SA 2.0 

April was sexual assault awareness month, and throughout that time, Blind ran a survey to find out if today’s tech companies consider sexual harassment cases a critical matter.

Our users were asked: Does management take sexual harassment and assault complaints seriously at your current workplace? Just over 4,100 users responded. The results? The majority of surveyed participants – 46 percent – replied that complaints are taken seriously by management. 18 percent said that complaints weren’t taken seriously and a considerable 36 percent answered that they weren’t sure.

So why is there a large percentage of people who don’t know if management takes sexual harassment seriously? One possible reason is that many tech workers haven’t reported any sexual harassment cases and therefore don’t know where their companies stand on the issue. In a survey conducted in February 2018, we discovered that only 31 percent of our app users witnessed or experienced sexual harassment at work. This means that 69 percent of users would have had no cases to report. In November 2017, we also discovered that nearly 43% of our users do not feel comfortable reporting sexual harassment to HR.

Does your company take sexual harassment and assault complaints seriously? 15 tech companies

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