Survey Result: 92 Percent of Tech Workers Say Their Workplace is LGBTQ-Friendly

In recognition of Pride Month, we polled our users to find out how inclusive the tech industry is of LGBTQ workers and to find out how some of the major tech companies rank on this topic.

From May 29 to June 3 this year, we asked our users to respond “True” or “False” to the following statement: “My current work environment is LGBTQ-friendly.” Out of the 2,475 people that participated, an impressive 92 percent answered that their workplace is inclusive of LGBTQ workers.

We also broke down the survey responses by company, to see how today’s tech companies rank for inclusivity. Only companies with at least 50 employee responses were examined and we narrowed down this list to the top 13.

Pinterest came in number one with 98.2 percent of employees claiming that their workplace is LGBTQ-friendly. Airbnb ranked last on the list with 87 percent — still a positive result!

Do you work at one of the companies featured in our results? Let us know what does (or doesn’t) make your company LGBTQ-friendly. And if you’re an LGBTQ working in tech, we encourage you to share your stories onĀ Blind!

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