How Much Tech Internships Pay in 2018

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It’s June and many students have already begun their summer internships and some are preparing to line up internships for the fall. Because some software engineers on Blind have reported an annual compensation of $300K (sometimes more), we wanted to find out how much the internships are worth. Are the intern wages insanely high as well?

To find out, we searched through Blind’s content and compiled a list of recent numbers shared by engineers interning at today’s tech companies. What we discovered is that tech interns are being compensated well too, especially at Amazon. Interestingly, an intern’s pay at Uber or Lyft is higher than the pay given at elite companies like Google. Here’s a look at 10 tech companies and what they pay their interns in 2018:

(Note: Compensation is listed as hourly or monthly, according to what users shared. Multiple numbers for one company indicate pay listed by different users.)

1. Amazon (Seattle, WA): $10,000/month • $8,400/month • $8,138/month

2. Lyft (San Francisco, CA): $52/hour

3. OSIsoft (San Leandro, CA): $51/hour

4. Amazon (New York, NY): $50/hour • $7,725/month

5. Uber (San Francisco, CA): $44/hour

6. Google (Mountain View, CA): $7,500/month

7. Microsoft (Seattle, WA): $7,250/month

8. Yahoo (Sunnyvale, CA): $41/hour

9. Tesla (Palo Alto, CA): $28/hour

10. Nokia (San Jose, CA): $25/hour

Did we mention that the numbers above are just the base wage? The majority of the companies listed are located in Silicon Valley, which has a high cost of living. Housing stipends are often provided by the big tech companies, in addition to the hourly or monthly pay. This drives up the value of an intern’s compensation even higher. According to one Blind user, Google is offering a $9,000 stipend for housing this year. The number is reported to be $6,000 at Yahoo and $2,500 at Amazon New York. Another user shared an offer from Amazon Seattle that included $10,000 for relocation. Housing costs aside, many companies will also offer free food, offsite events, and other perks for their interns.

Something to keep in mind is that not all tech interns are undergraduate college students. Companies like Facebook and Google offer internships to students obtaining their MS or PhD, which may partially explain the high pay. Still, the numbers beat out the compensation for both interns and experienced workers in other industries.

And it doesn’t end at the internship. Once students receive their degrees, it’s not unusual to receive return offers from companies they’ve previously interned for. Here are a few return packages that our users have received upon completing their undergraduate or graduate education:


Bachelor’s: $115K Base / $45K Sign-On (1st Year), $35K Sign-On (2nd Year) / $85K RSU


Bachelor’s: $110K Base + 10% Target Bonus / $100K Sign-On / $220K RSU

Bachelor’s: $105K Base / $75K Sign-On / $150K RSU

Master’s: $115K Base / $75k Sign-On / $150K RSU


Bachelor’s: $116K Base / $45K Sign-On / $255K RSU


Unknown Degree: $108K Base / $45K Sign-On / $120K RSU

If you’re currently looking for an internship, you can find additional numbers and read about the intern experience on Blind! If you’re already interning at a tech company, let other users know what the experience is like!

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